Christain Akrong

Site Manager

Every successful business needs a projects codinator and Christian Nii Adjetey Akrong has been providing Blackrock developers with targeted business strategies for some time now. Project coordinators are an important part of an organization's project team. These professionals work under a project manager and help ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. From the phases of Finish electrical - The electrician will return and install all light fixtures, wall outlets, switches and cover plates.

Tiling - Once the celling is done, carpet and tile go down. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters - The cabinet company will install kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They are simply aligned on the wall and screwed into the wall studs. Countertops are screwed on top of the cabinets.

Finish plumbing - Once the cabinets are in, the plumber will return and install sinks, toilets and faucets. The plumber will also install the water heater if it was not installed during rough plumbing. Installation of well and septic system or hook-up to city water and sewer - Depending on where the house is located, it will either have a private well and septic system or it will hook up to municipal water and sewer lines. If a private well and septic tank are needed, the contractor will bring in a well-drilling subcontractor and a septic-tank subcontractor.

Wall trim - Once the cabinets are in, the interior doors are installed and the molding around the doors, windows and baseboards go in. Paint - Once the molding is on, it is time to paint the interior and exterior of the house.